Patchway is the first judo club in South Gloucestershire and Bristol County to achieve the British Judo Silver Club Mark award, & the 2nd in the whole of the Western area!

Kent International at K2 - 28th & 29th June 2008

Report by Alison


After an early start, all players fighting in U16 categories, unlike last year when there were U12's & U16's! Tom was up first and displayed some excellent judo, and was winning in the semi final, with only 7 seconds away from a silver medal, he was thrown for Ippon - that's judo. He then sadly lost in fight for bronze. Myles and Mollie also fought on Saturday, tough groups, both went to the repecharge after their first fights both lost in the second round. The day was over at 2pm! Off to the hotel!


We knew we were in for a long day, it was! Reece was called first, at 10am (note the time - you'll see why later) we were concerned as he seemed to still be asleep, so after geeing him up he went out for his first fight, and he did fight, although he didn't win he put in excellent effort. We were all very proud of him. Then 1 hour and 10 minutes later, he had his second fight, it was really close, neither could score it went to golden score, where Reece won!! After another long went Reece was out again, with three seconds of the two minutes fight to go scores a koka, not the biggest score, but enough to get him through to the next round! Three more fights for a bronze, by now it was 1.20pm, he again put up a fight but sadly lost. I think it is fair to say that Reece exceeded everyone’s expectations! – even though he didn’t win a medal, was star of the day!

As you can imagine with Reece’s groups taking so long, Dominic was fighting two mats down, you won't believe how far we walked up and down that's sports hall! Dominic won his first fight and was looking like he could go all the way. His next he lost by a yuko and moved to repecharge. The next fight was very controversial; the IJF referee intervened, sadly not to Dominic’s advantage.

Sam & Kieran were up next, now we were in to three minute fights! (be aware poor Reece was still fighting at this stage! Sam had a “bye” in the first fight, which never makes him very happy as it means he then has to fight someone who’s already one a fight! Sam’s first fight went to time, but he lost by a koka, was in to the repecharge. He won his next fight in less than a minute! The third he finished in just under 30 seconds, that was with a hold down! Last fight went to the full time again, close fight, Sam only losing by a Yuko!

Kieran’s first fight was hard, he fought well but sadly lost. Another controversial decision in his second fight, the ref scored wazari, but the corner judges gave Ippon??

Next up was Lucy, having gone up to the under 63kg weight group she was fighting in the same group as Rebecca and Natasha. What a tough group it was! Lucy lost her first fight was in to repecharge when she lost her second.

Rebecca won her first fight, then had a fight she wasn’t meat to have! Natasha won her first fight, both girls were on for a place in the final. For her place in the final Natasha had to fight Sarah from Samurai, the player who Rebecca had beaten two weeks earlier at the Western Area Open to win gold. As you can imagine she didn’t want to be beaten by a Maslen again. After a close fight, Much shouting by the New Star team and supporters, Natasha lost, still winning bronze medal. Rebecca then had to fight Sarah in the Final; again a close fight, but having lost out to Rebecca before she wasn’t going to do it again.

End result: Rebecca won silver and Natasha won bronze, their last junior Kent competition. Lots of very hoarse people in New Star T-shirts!