Patchway is the first judo club in South Gloucestershire and Bristol County to achieve the British Judo Silver Club Mark award, & the 2nd in the whole of the Western area!

Saturday 11th October - British Championships 2008

On Saturday 11th October 2008 we picked up three National medallists. First to be called was the under 63kg girls with Natasha, Rebecca and Lucy all in the same weight. Lucy won two and lost two, unfortunately being knocked out by Rebecca in her last fight. Rebecca won her first fight but lost her second to the eventual Gold medallist by Yuko. She then bounced back to win the Bronze medal. Natasha won her first two fights, but got knocked into the repecharge after also losing to the eventual gold medallist also. She then went on to win her last fight to achieve a Bronze medal.

Next to fight was Kieran Peacock. He fought the best he could, but lost his two fights. He fought exceptionally well without a coach as John and Judy were coaching elsewhere. Next up was Dominic Nelson and Reece Peacock. All three boys fought really well for there first British Championships but did not go on to win a fight. Last player called up was Sam Finn who was able to win his first three fights to get into the final. At half past seven we all watched the finalists, Sam, and the medallists, Natasha and Rebecca, march onto the mats. Memories started flooding back to Rebecca from when she was in that position in 2006. After Natasha and Rebecca received their medals, it was a half an hour wait to watch Sam. Sam was finally called out to fight. We all watched nervously, but am came through and won his fight by holding his opponent down for twenty seconds, winning him the Gold and claiming the title British Champion . It was a long day but was worth it and thanks go to coaches John and Judy and all the supporters that were there.

Congratulations to the players outside New Star Bristol who train at Ashton on Thursdays. This includes Renz from Weston, Jay and Scott from Yate Star. Well done to all those who fought and big congrats to our three medallists.

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