Patchway is the first judo club in South Gloucestershire and Bristol County to achieve the British Judo Silver Club Mark award, & the 2nd in the whole of the Western area!

Sunday 5th October - Yate Interclub

The over 8’s Nov to 4th Mon had a very successful outing again to Yate.

The girls were up first; Jade led the way, winning 2 out of her 4 fights and gained a silver medal. Next up was Josie in her first over ‘8’ competition; she also did very well, winning 2 out of her 3 fights and also won a silver medal. Last up was Amy; she won 2 out of her 3 fights (losing to a girl of 11) making it 3 silver medals in all for New Star.

A big “thank you” to Jack Smith for helping the girls during their warm-up and for coaching them during their fights.

So with the girls all doing so well it was then over to the boys. Cameron Borg, Cameron Nelson and Kieron May were up next. Cameron Borg won all 4 fights and took gold, Cameron Nelson won 1 out of 4 and got 4th place bronze and Kieron May fought very well and got 4th place bronze as well. It was then George’s turn; he tried very hard, even coming back from an injured knee in his second fight to take a bronze medal. Last up were Aidan May and Robert; both boys fought well, Aidan won 2 out of 3 and took silver and Robert took bronze. All the boys did very well; all the other clubs had experienced coaches helping them whereas our boys only had Lisa with her limited judo knowledge.

The club was also well represented on the official side with Alison, Mollie, Kieron Peacock and Dominic refereeing and Dan, Mollie, Kieron Peacock, Dominic and Lisa all time-keeping.

Very well done to all those who took part; your club is very proud of your achievements, keep up the good work.

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