Patchway is the first judo club in South Gloucestershire and Bristol County to achieve the British Judo Silver Club Mark award, & the 2nd in the whole of the Western area!

2007 National Age Band Championships 13th/14th October, Ice Sheffield

Report by Alison

Saturday 13th October

Well we left at 12.15pm and due to traffic and accidents (none of us involved) we arrived at the English Institute for sport at 5.40pm!
Jack, Sam and Jay (from Yate Star) all weighed in and made their weight groups.
The boys having successfully weighed in we went off to discover the nightlife of Sheffield and find some food, then back to the Travelodge for an early night to be at ICE Sheffield for 8.30am.

Jay & Sam were called down to their "pens" at 9am.
Jay was up first, and won his first fight. Typically half way through Jays second fight Sam was called to his first fight. Sam lost his first fight, Jays went to golden score, what seemed like a lot longer than 2 minutes Jay eventually won! So he had two wins under his belt!
Sam was rather despondent after his first fight, it was a while before he got called to his 2nd; he was a yuko up and Sam got a penalty for allegedly putting his fingers inside his opponents sleeve, after that it was all over for Sam, he still has his bronze from 2005 & his silver from 2006!
Jay was called to for his third fight and was unlucky to loose, so was now down for the fight for the bronze medal. Then came the fatal mistake Jay went out against someone he's beaten many times before, let down his guard and in what appeared to be slow motion, it was all over for Jay. Both boys said on the journey home, "there is always next year!"

Jack went down to the pen at about 12.30pm with Sam to warm up, after three uchi komis the leaning on the side school and chatting warm up was introduced. Being in C band, armlocks and strangles were also in play. In Jack's first fight he was held down, but just a few more pushes and he would have been out of the red. Second fight, we were urging him to push out, but we couldn't see he was being strangled!

All the boys learnt lessons, it was a hard open for all of them this year, we have to wait and see how the girls get on on Sunday!

Sunday 14th October