Patchway is the first judo club in South Gloucestershire and Bristol County to achieve the British Judo Silver Club Mark award, & the 2nd in the whole of the Western area!

Western Area Grading Sunday 28th October, Dorcan Centre Swindon

Report by Alison

New Star Players Tangoed!

The clocks went back, which was a bonus as we had to be in Swindon for 9am; after the Halloween party at Ashton!

Kieran, Reece & Jack weighed in and disaster struck, Jack had grown and his kit was too small! Luckily Mollie came to the rescue with her comeptition kit, she had, always ready!

Reece was called, then told to sit down. Jack & Reece were told to stand up, then sit down. Then at last Kieran was called and stepped up to the mat. Ippon! Next up was Jack and it was a wazari win. Reece up next and another good Ippon. With all of them having a win under their belts (!) their orange belts were in the bag! Now it was what they did next which would determine how many mons they went up. Kieran & Jack both went on to win their next fights, Reece was unlucky and had an Hiki wak (draw, only used at gradings or team competiitons) Kieran and Jack both were awarded 9th mon - orange and three tabs and Reece was awarded 8th mon, orange belt and two tabs.
After a bit of a wait Jack Dymond & Jay Curtis (Yate Star) were up in the green belt group. Inspite of winning a fight by Ippon and losing two, Jack stayed as 10th mon. Jay won 3 and only lost one to a blue belt, he was awarded 12th mon, Green belt 3 tabs.

After a very long wait. Luke went out ot grade, he needed 33 points for his 2nd Dan (black belt and two tabs) He won his first fight with a Wazari (7 points), lost his 2nd and had a Hiki wak with his 3rd! He now needs 26 points, which he hopes to get at the Plymouth Open 18th November.